Who are the Passionist Sisters?

passionistOur Congregation, the Sisters of the Cross and Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Passionist Sisters, had its origin in Manchester, England during the 19th century. Its foundress, Mother Mary Joseph was a young woman who converted to Catholicism at the time the first Passionist missionaries arrived in England. It arose out of the areas on the margins of the city, from the poor and for the poor of their times.

In recent years, searching in fidelity to our origins, we desire to deepen our option to continue “growing in solidarity with the crucified of today, sharing with them our conviction of the power of the Cross.”

Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation is central to our Passionist spirituality and our way of life today. Our Charism impels us to be prophetic as we confront the massive inequalities in the distribution of the world’s resources. We must respond with urgency to halt the destruction of our planet, and work for a more just and compassionate world where the rights and dignity of the whole community of life are upheld and respected.

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