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Signs of Hope in Advent

What is HOPE? ; for many people it is having full confidence that whatever you want or need, you will get. For others, it is trusting that God will not […]


Food From the Heart: Chicken

St. Paul of the Cross was a prolific letter writer. Thousands of his letters survive and in many of them he mentions food. There are references to tuna and chocolate, […]

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Why the Sisters of the Cross and Passion? Reflections on a life lived…

I entered the community of the Sisters of the Cross and Passion in September 1966. I can remember people asking, “Why would you enter a community with that name?” My […]

Lunch and Conversation in “Scouseland”

It was one of those lovely autumn days – sunny and crisp – when I caught the train for Liverpool. The countryside glowed with russet and orange clad trees, and […]

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