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The Martyrs of Daimiel

The Martyrs of Daimiel: Faith – Courage – Forgiveness Mexico in the early 20th century was the scene of much anti-Church legislation and sometimes of active persecution. In the midst […]


Mission – Saint Gabriel’s Province

About the year 1970 our province took a big step forward with regard to our apostolate: we began to name our service to others “misión”, and the most important part […]

Mmam’hiko Project: Botswana

The Sisters in Botswana, Angela, Botshelo and Pulane (a second year novice), are presently involved in working towards an important project in Mmam’hiko, an isolated bush area where the people live […]

consecrated life

Year of Consecrated Life

Once again, we have to ask ourselves: is Jesus really our first and only love, as we promised He would be when we professed our vows?  (Pope Francis: Letter  to all Consecrated […]

Gemma Galgani

“La povera Gemma”

Poor Gemma – It is how she often signed the letters she wrote to her spiritual director Father Germano Ruoppolo, CP.   Saint Gemma Galgani was a lay young woman who […]

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