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An International Community from the Beginning

By 1861, Elizabeth Prout was living in Sutton and her residence is listed as a convent in the census. Below are the names, ages, occupations and places of birth of […]

Icon of Elizabeth Prout

This is an icon of Elizabeth Prout done by a British artist.  Elizabeth Prout lived in the city of Shrewsbury until she was about 12 years old.  Thus the Diocese of […]

Lunch and Conversation in “Scouseland”

It was one of those lovely autumn days – sunny and crisp – when I caught the train for Liverpool. The countryside glowed with russet and orange clad trees, and […]

The Sisters of the Cross and Passion (Part 2)

Elizabeth Prout’s Institute was a new venture. The Sisters lived in community combining a humble, austere and prayerful life with an active ministry outside the convent. Anyone who was truly […]

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