Passionist Charism

The Passionist charism, which we inherited from Saint Paul of the Cross and Elizabeth Prout, is like a tree, which in time grows, its branches spread, and its foliage becomes thicker and better able to give shade, to protect and welcome all those who approach it.

The charism as expressed in The Covenant of the Passion “is the life blood of our congregation and that which unites us”

Identification with Jesus Christ in the mystery of His Passion, Death and resurrection is at the heart of our vocation.

  • It is a personal and communitarian call to understand and to participate in the Passion of Jesus.
  • Our prayerful involvement in the Paschal Mystery helps us to understand and accept wholeheartedly the cross in our lives and enables us to make our own the attitudes and options of Jesus.
  • In a true spirit of compassion we grow in solidarity with the crucified of the world, sharing with them our conviction of the power of the Cross.
  • We are dedicated to keeping alive the memory of Jesus Crucified, so that all may discover God´s love which reaches its greatest expression on the Cross.

The charism is a dynamic gift of the spirit to the Church which empowers all women and men who are called to it to live the Memory of the Passion.

For this reason, at the Congregational Assembly of 2008, as a result of prayer and discernment, we committed ourselves to “justice, peace and the integrity of creation” (JPIC), as central to our Passionist spirituality and our way of life to-day. Our charism impels us:

  • To be prophetic as we confront the massive inequalities in the distribution of the world´s resources.
  • We must respond with urgency to halt the destruction of our planet, and
  • Work for a more just and compassionate world where the rights and dignity of the whole community of life are upheld and respected.

Urged by the option of our congregation, we want to be attentive and live JPIC as a theological place where the future of life is at stake, especially in those situations where life is threatened.

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