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Sister Ann Cotter – This is a catastrophe!

[vodpod id=Video.3170343&w=425&h=350&fv=sessid%3Dnull%26amp%3Bpvt%3D0%26amp%3Bdoc%3Dterremotochile-100304153202-phpapp01%26amp%3Bversion_no%3D1267738437%26amp%3BpresentationId%3D3338778%26amp%3BtotalSlides%3D21%26amp%3BstartSlide%3D1%26amp%3BinContest%3D0%26amp%3Bpreview%3Dno%26amp%3Bstitle%3Dterremoto-chile%26amp%3BuserName%3Dmaryanncp%26amp%3Bhas_form%3Dnull%26amp%3Bform_after_slide_number%3Dnull%26amp%3Bform_is_blocking%3Dfalse%26amp%3BhostedIn%3Dslideshare%26amp%3BuseHttp%3D1%26amp%3Bautoplay%3D0] more about “Terremoto Chile“, posted with vodpod Sister Ann Cotter sent a PowerPoint showing the devastation caused by the earthquake in Chile.

More News from Chile

The sisters in the four houses in Santiago are all safe, but they have no phones or electricity, and today there is no running water.  Although Ann Cotter was able […]

News of Sisters in Chile

We just heard by way of Argentina that the sisters in Santiago are fine, although there is much damage in the city.  In the rural area of Pemuco where Bety […]

Photos from the Congregational Gathering In Chile

Combating Social Exclusion in Chile

This semester I have been busy with a new project of a library and open center for children and youth. It has involved building cupboards, protections for windows, getting books […]

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