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I do not speak of having a ‘call to priesthood’, which is often associated with the word vocation. To have a vocation regardless of what it is; to be a […]


Sisters of the Cross and Passion (Passionist Sisters)

‘I have never met a Passionist Sister before’ is often the response we receive in new gatherings. This is not surprising especially as our Passionist presence in Melbourne is both […]

International Union of Superiors General

International Union of Superiors General

I am in Rome attending the International Union of Superiors General The theme is:Weaving Global Solidarity for Life. The emphasis has been on the need now for religious to work in […]

In Vietnam

Sisters and Vietnamese candidates.


St. Cecilia, An Early Woman Saint

Seven women are called our saintly companions in the First Eucharistic Prayer, the ancient Roman Canon: Felicity, Perpetua, Agatha, Lucy, Agnes, Cecilia, Anastasia. I would like to remember Cecilia. When […]

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