Paschal Women in the Passion for Peru

We are a Community of Missionary Sisters who have been walking together with our brothers and sisters in Peru for 38 years.

We started our work in Villa el Salvador (1977) and later in Pachacutec (2006);locations where, together with the Passionist Family, we incarnate the Paschal Mystery. Following the steps of Mother Mary Joseph, ( Elizabeth Prout), we live each day trying to give an answer to the different situations which arise.

At present, our mission is aimed at:

Families who have children with special needs and do not have the necessary services for their recovery.

  • PeruMother of God Centre ( Villa Salvador) which is a Parish Centre managed by one of the Sisters , whose focus is on the required space and therapy ; it offers what they need to recover.
  • Or RBC ( Pachacutec) a Rehabilitation Centre based on Peruthe Community which attends disabled children. In this place, they get what is necessary for their recovery and their families are well accompanied.This service is shared with the Medical Missionary Sisters.
  • PeruThe elderly ( Seniors) who have been outplaced from their original premises, and many times ‘dont have where to leisure and recreate, share, pray and celebrate life. In San Salvador Villa, we have two different áreas for them. One in the 6th sector, and the other in the 7th: «TAYTAQ’OS».
  • Children in Nurseries, a welcoming place so parents can leave their children when they go to work.
  • PeruWomen, whose dignity is promoted in both work and production workshops.

In Communion with the Ecclesial/ Church Community, we walk by the side of children, youth, Perufamilies of Family Catechetics, true Basic Christian Community Missions and Pastoral care for the young. In all we discover God in our midst.

And so, day by day, we discover the face of the God of Life in the faces of each of our brothers and sisters with whom we continue on our journey.


Sister Maria Alvarado, C.P.


  1. Sister EileenCP says:

    Maria, this is wonderful. Thank you

  2. Katie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful and inspiring ministry.
    God bless you all. My love and prayers. Katie CP.

  3. Pulane says:

    Hi Maria
    this is a great post. Very inspiring.
    God bless
    Pulane, novice

  4. Maria thank you for that delightful and inspirational video.
    Would you allow us to put it on our VOLUNTEERINGCP website?
    Just let me know.
    Eily May White C.P. Liverpool, England

  5. Maria, thank you for that delightful and inspirational video on Peru.Would you allow us to put it on our VOLUNTEERINGCP website.
    Just let me know please.
    Love, Eily May White C.P.

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