Signs of Hope in Advent

What is HOPE? ; for many people it is having full confidence that whatever you want or need, you will get. For others, it is trusting that God will not abandon us. However, and even though at times it seems like something difficult to hold on to, for our people and our mission, it is what encourages us and keeps us going.

That is why, as we think of ADVENT, our heart simply rejoices as we witness these signs which make us realise that Jesús is with us and is coming again.

That is why ADVENT means coming. It is a priviliged time because it invites us to contemplate the beginning of Jesús’ life. It boosts us to update that coming in our daily lives and to be prepared to be His messengers.

You can see this when:

We contemplate and celebrate God transformed into a baby child, just for the sake of love. We discover Him in the small things of every day life; there, where so often we await big signs: the Lord manifests Himself in what is weak, so He can be our strength.

Every day we ask ourselves: what is the measure of our love? That is, have we been able to aid Jesús when he was hungry, thirsty, clothesless, etc? We must remember that at the end of our days , all that we will be asked, is how much we have loved.

And although ADVENT implies four weeks of preparation, we should broaden its dimension as far as practice is concerned. We must not reduce this opportunity we have on a personal/ community level but also make a revisión of our lives, so that we may restart the journey with strength, trying to discover these faces through which Jesús comes into our lives every single day.


Mission, Perú.

Sister Maria Alvarado, C.P.

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