Mission – Saint Gabriel’s Province

About the year 1970 our province took a big step forward with regard to our apostolate: we began to name our service to others “misión”, and the most important part was that some of us went out to inner city sectors, following the inspiration of Vat. 11 and the pastoral documents of the Latin American Church, as well as the tendency within our own Congregation of going out to the desert, periphery and frontier.

The exodus, or pilgrimage as we would say now, was slow.  It was begun in Santiago with houses, like Saint Gabriel’s in the south-west and El Salto in the north of the capital.   In both cases it meant leaving our schools, living a life which was less structured, being more companions rather than protagonists in the evangelization process and, above all, living our prayer life incarnated in the reality and in discernment with the Spirit.   Although to-day there are no Passionist communities in those places (neither is there in Lo Hermida), some of the sisters who lived there went to found other communities in the north where Huintil and Tahuinco were opened.   Only Tahuinco is still in existence after 18 years, with just two sisters living there.

Living in this way over the past 40 years has urged us to revise government structures that are no longer relevant for our communities and little by little we have been discovering the type of structure that is most suitable to us, the organic model.   Here we saw the need to discern and organize our areas according to the type of evangelization that was best fitted to the reality.   In this way emerged the urban area mission which groups together the communities in the capital and the rural area mission with those sisters living in country areas.   The leadership team animates the whole “pilgrimage” and the possibilities of continuing to advance given the physical conditions and vitality of each sister, (some have died and others have returned to their own country).

Before finishing I have to say that we are grateful to God for this journey as each day He shows us the reality to which we have to respond as Passionists.   We are also grateful to the Congregation for all the support we have received at every turn of the way.

I would also like to mention the extraordinary grace that we receive from the words of Pope Francis.   We keep in mind what he has said to the consecrated of the world, but especially to those who, like him, are from this “corner” of the world.   “We can live happily in the midst of the simple things of everyday life”   With this spirit we try to live the insertion, in the small as well as the great things of life.

– Sister Inés Muzzio, C.P.


  1. Bridget Murphy says:

    Thank you Inez for reminding us that we are pilgrims and helping us to recognise and remember that simplicity is a characteristic of our lives as passionists. I am remembering my visit to Chile and what a joy it was to share in your communities there. May you all be blessed as you continue the journey.

    Brigid cp

  2. Pat Carney cp says:

    Gracias Ines, it brought back happy memories of Assemblies and holidays in Chile: El Duraznal, Lo Hermida, La Pintana, Salvador. amistades, compartir, alegrias,….. un monton de memorias. Gracias por hacerme recordar la historia y el progreso de la provincia de San Gabriel!
    Carinos, Pat cp

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