Sr. Angélica on the Feast of the Presentation of Mary

Dear Sisters and Associates,

We are now finishing our work together as a team and, as always, we want to share with you our conversations, as well as our meetings and celebrations during these days.

With the Gospel of Saint Luke, we shared the readings of Bartimaeus, the blind man; Zaccheus; the parable of the talents; and Jesus weeping over Jerusalem. We felt very identified with the blind man, and together we asked the Lord for light to see better. As we reflected on the parable of the talents we recognized that as a Congregation, many times we have hidden our talents and did not allow them to produce fruit. Today we are asking ourselves what we need to do to change this situation. Like Zaccheus, we want to see Jesus and we ask Him to transform us by his presence and closeness.

  1. What we shared: As we began our time together each one of us shared what had been going on in our lives and areas during the past few months as this is part of the richness of our meeting. Anne told us about the Passionist Family annual assembly in Chile. Elissa shared the work of the new team. Rosaleen has been to Bosnia for the opening of the house beside the children´s hospice where the parents can stay while their children are being treated. Part of Angélica´s sharing was about the work that some of the sisters are doing with the street people, and the joy they experience when they see how some are reintegrated into the community. Moya explained to us how, since the Provincial Chapter the new Priority Groups have been formed.
  2. Visit to Peru: Anne and Angélica shared their visit to the sisters in Peru during the month of September. The team has decided that Anne, Elissa and Angélica will visit there in March 2012. The object of these meetings is to accompany this congregational process. The sisters there will receive a separate letter with the details of our visit.
  3. Province of Our Lady of Dolors (USA): During the morning of Wednesday we had a meeting with the provincial team. The conversation was built around the objectives that were put forward at their last chapter. They are: new membership, associates, the retreat house of Our Lady of Calvary. They are working on each one of these areas, calling together both the sisters and the associates, forming teams and organizing different activities. They shared with us some concerns as well as many hopes. We greatly appreciate the atmosphere of confidence and respect that was present at all times. We want to congratulate them on the enthusiasm with which they have set about working as a team.
  4. Passionist International: With the intention of deepening our commitment to this important work at the United Nations, we met with Fr. Kevin Dance, Joanne Fahey and Mary Ann Strain. The reflection helped us to understand better the validity of Passionists International as well as its limitations.

Our next team meeting: The next meeting of the CLT will take place in Santiago, Chile between the 26th. And 29th. February 2012. During those days we will be meeting with the PLT and we will also share dinner with all the sisters of the Province.

We want to take this opportunity to thank sisters Eileen and Anna Marie for their wonderful hospitality and for giving us the chance to share with their associates and board of trustees, with whom we celebrated the Eucharist and enjoyed a lovely meal.

We would like to remind you that on the 10th. December Lebanang of Botswana will make her First Profession. With our prayers we will unite ourselves with the sisters of Botswana as we celebrate and welcome a new sister to our congregation.

On the 21st. November may we be united and, as we renew our consecration, let us commit ourselves to continue to create bonds between us, leaving behind old divisions, and asking the Lord to teach us to be sisters.

“May the Passion of Jesus and the sorrows of Mary be ever in our hearts”

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