Botswana and Zambia 2011

During the month of April I traveled to Botswana with Máire O’Sullivan and from there to Zambia. In Botswana we shared different moments with the sisters; their life, prayer and the value of their presence in that part of Africa. We also met two young people who are in a process of discernment with the sisters.  We traveled to Zambia with Sister Angela to meet a group of young women who want to be Passionists.  We have not reached any decision about them, but we believe that the way forward with this task should be the responsibility of the African Sisters. During this year the Sisters will begin a process of discernment with regard to the mission in Botswana. The future of Zambia will be included in this process. We want to accompany them with our prayers.

Sister Maria Angélica Algorta, C.P.

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