Update from Botswana

Lebanang, Angela, Bianca, Anne and Carmel

Angela, Carmel, Bianca,Angelica, Lebanang, Anne and Botshelo

Botshelo, Anne, Lebanang and Angelica

Dear Sisters,

With these few lines we would like to share with you the beautiful experience we had in Botswana.  We know that many of you have been accompanying us with your prayers, and we have felt the strength of those prayers.

We arrived in Botswana on Sunday the 18th July and left on Saturday the 24th after mid-day.  While there, we met with Angela, Botshelo, Carmel and Lebanang.   There was also a young girl from Zambia, staying with Angela until September.

On Monday we began with a meeting of the group when we prayed together and the sisters shared their apostolic work, which varies between work with HIV victims, their presence with young people, catechesis, visits to people’s homes and the support that is given to the most vulnerable families and people; in this way “in a true spirit of compassion and growing in solidarity with the crucified of the world, sharing with them our conviction of the power of the Cross”, becomes a reality.

The following days we dedicated our time to personal sharing with each sister, visiting their places of work and at the same time seeing the many places where our sisters lived and worked, giving many years of generous service.

On Friday we dedicated the time one again to prayer, reflection and some steps we wish to take towards the future.

We want to continue to look at Zambia according to our possibilities.

We were also seeing the feasibility of the Project “A house of Peace”.   As we all know, the greatest stigma in Africa is AIDS; many children are left orphans, without a family to look after them or with an extended family that treats them badly.   This Project would just be a grain of sand to help these children have a place to call home where they will receive the love they need.

We want to continue to encourage the presence of young people and in this way “share our way of life with young women who wish to join our congregation” (Passionists for Life No. 3)

Everybody felt the necessity to continue walking together with the certainty that our Charism has so much to offer and our presence has to speak of our wanting to be “an alternative way of life”

Having shared our dreams we then watched the film “Invictus”, reflecting on the strong and clear message about reconciliation and the search for unity.

Sisters, from where we are, we ask you to accompany the sisters in their searches, at this “new moment of our history as Passionists”, and let us continue to take risks just as Mother Mary Joseph did in her time.

May the Passion of Jesus and the Sorrows of Mary be ever in our hearts.”

Angélica, CP and Anne, CP

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